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The home kit contains swabs, instructions and papers so you can take your own samples in privacy. 


Our highly accurate (99.9%) 16 loci 'Easy Paternity test'.No other lab uses more than 16 loci for paternity testing. 


Amazing 18 loci (High accuracy paternity test).The only laboratory to test over 18 loci ( regions) of DNA in each person. ISO 17025 accredited DNA testing company performed over 70,000 Paternity tests. 


23 Loci Paternity Test (up to 250,000 times more accurate than a 16 loci paternity test).Usually over 99.9999% accurate. 


- AABB Accredited DNA test for Legal purposes 
- For immigration, changing birth certificate, etc. 
- Result recognized by law courts and government departments. 


  • Use a toothbrush or ear wax, etc. 
  • 16 Loci tested, quick easy and extremely accurate. 
Kenyan Military Personnel, pilots and Civilians Can Now Store Their DNA to Avert Future Crisis. 


A VICTORIAN company, DNA Solutions Pty is storing the DNA of tens of thousands of Australian soldiers, sailors and air force personnel so they can be identified if they are killed in accidents or on operations. 
Now it is offering a similar service to civilians. 
When it opted to collect DNA from all personnel, the Australian Defense Force (ADF) said the nature of modern military operations — and the increased use of powerful bombs by terrorists — meant that bodies would sometimes be badly degraded by fragmentation, chemicals or heat. 
The identification of remains by traditional forensic methods, such as fingerprints or dental evidence, was sometimes not possible, the ADF said. 
"In such cases, the only means of identifying remains may be via comparison of antemortem and postmortem DNA samples." 
The ADF said aircraft accidents usually involved high-speed impacts, powerful explosive forces and extreme temperatures. The results could cause such devastation that only DNA testing could allow identification of those killed. 

Relevance to Kenya 's military, pilots and wealthy elite 

  • Kenya 's military personnel are known to be very active in UN Missions. This service would greatly assist them in a similar manner as that of the ADF. 
  • Many of Kenya 's wealthy elite die intestate (without a Will) mainly because they believe that writing a Will is a death wish. They leave behind numerous wives and children who are more likely than not aware of the existence of parallel families. 
  • This service would be particularly important to the Kenyan rich and super rich who die intestate giving rise to protracted court battles over inheritance many times leading to exhumations for purposes of identification. 
  • This product is also of particular importance to our pilots who sometimes perish in very grisly accidents as has been recently witnessed.