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Canine DNA Analysis

Veterinary Diagnostics Center & DNA Testing Services 

Accurate and Reliable Veterinary DNA Testing 

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is the world's largest, most experienced private DNA testing laboratory. Since 1995, DDC has been dedicated to providing the highest quality human DNA testing services available at a reasonable price. 

Canine DNA Testing Services 

DNA testing for dogs can be used to better manage matings, make more informed selection decisions, and discover the correct parentage when in doubt. 
We provide a full menu of DNA testing services for use by canine veterinarians, registries, clubs, breeders, and pet-lovers. You can feel confident knowing that your canine friends have the highest quality of testing services available through DDC Veterinary. 
Parentage Verification Inherited Disease Screening
Certifies the authenticity of pedigrees. Definitive proof of parentage. Identify carriers to enhance breed improvement programs. 
Canine Breed Test  Inherited Traits Screening 
Uncover possible breeds in your mixed breed dog. Special Sale Pricing!  Identify carriers to enhance breed improvement programs. 
DNA Profiling  DNA Banking 
Most accurate method for securing permanent individual identification.  Store DNA for future testing or technology. 
Collection Procedures  
Instructions on how to collect the DNA samples from your dog.