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DNA testing industry leader since 1987, we provide accurate, convenient, affordable, confidential DNA testing and the highest level of service. Genelex offers a range of genetic testing services including: 
Paternity Testing: One of a handful of DNA paternity testing laboratories in the world with dual clinical laboratory and parentage testing accreditation, Genelex provides the broadest range of paternity DNA tests available anywhere including home DNA tests, prenatal paternity testing, immigration DNA testing, kinship analysis, and grandpaternity testing. Our work has been used to help resolve cases involving major crimes, child support and custody, immigration, and inheritance. 
Pharmacogenetic Testing: Genelex was among the first labs in the world to offer prescription drug reaction profiles that provide clinically relevant drug-drug and drug-gene interaction information that can help physicians reduce the incidence of adverse drug reactions, a serious medical problem. Currently offered tests look at your genetic ability to create the most important enzymes in your liver that process medication. More than half of patients have at least one defect in these systems which process almost one-half of the most commonly prescribed medicines. 
Ancestry DNA Testing: Our Common Male Ancestor Test and Common Female Ancestor Test include a summary of what scientists have learned about the geographical origin and age of your maternal and paternal lines based on your DNA test results. Our Native American verification DNA testing can confirm if you are of Native American descent. 
Medical Professional's Pages describing Genelex's testing services in detail, including drug metabolism charts and extensive background information. 
DNA Learning Center: A resource for educators and legal and medical professionals, DNA Archive contains the book DNA in the Courtroom recently updated for the web, slide shows, scientific papers, and reports on genetic testing.